Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last word comment nobody noticed...

I just wish Christians and Jews would shut up and step down so secular atheists like myself can actually try and prevent radical Islam from taking over the world.
It's annoying - like having a dumb dog constantly by your side while trying to take on a bigger, meaner dog. Muslims are not going to be afraid of Christians and Jews because, frankly, Islam is a more organized, logical, and overall more solid religion.
The only logical counterpart to Islam is secular-agnosticism and unfortunately guys like myself here in the West are surrounded by lukewarm faithed Christians and Jews who don't even believe in their faith but hate Islam enough to try and invoke the Bible as a battle cry.
Islam is the only religion left which still has the power and ideology necessary to attract the younger masses of people, and if you don't want it to take over you Christians and Jews need to realize that it is us secular free thinkers who need to take the helm at this point and time.
Thought you could sneak that one in there, eh?
You secular atheognostic apathetic anti-Jewish dipshits ARE Commie bastards... Your moral flexibility makes you mush when push comes to shove...
You had better look up the Baha'i as well... Your admiration for islam is shared by the New World Order Faith...
Just so you know, islam is part of God's plan... Why do you think he sent Jesus in the first place?
Eat that with a side of bacon.