Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Under My Bus: ZoBama's 100 Days & Throwing People Under the Bus

When a moral awakening happens, the vice lashes out... 

don't ever let them take you out from under your feet...

Some master craftsmen that deserve a voice...

would rather grow their own wheat than suffer defeat...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

I have been banned from posting comments at American Thinker

Baha'i TIME

"It's wrong to suggest that Breivik is wholly a product of these politics. But it's equally wrong to disregard them altogether. Standing at Ground Zero, I would never have considered even the most foulmouthed Islamophobe there to be capable of what Breivik did, or of inciting it. Yet Islam seems forever on trial, especially in the eyes of the Robert Spencers and Geert Wilders of the world. Why shouldn't they now also be held to account for the terrors incubated by their own appalling ideology?" --
Ishaan Tharoor in Time Magazine, August 6


more Time..,9171,742079,00.html
Religion: Baha'i
Monday, July 20, 1931
To the International Congress of Religion at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 went one Ibrahim George Khayru'llah to spread Baha'i in the U. S. Founder Baha'u'llah had died the year before and his son Abdu'1-Baha (servant of Baha) had become Expounder & Promoter. Born in 1844 on the very day when the Bab was making his great prediction, Abdu'1-Baha began expounding and promoting late in life, but under his able leadership the faith gained world following. In 1912 he followed Ibrahim Khayru'llah to the U. S., spoke in churches, synagogs, D. A. R. meetings, visited the late William Jennings Bryan who pontificated: "The Baha'i movement is the only power able to revive the Islamic world." Abdu'1-Baha, however, saw the movement serving a wider world. For Jews it could fulfill Old Testament and Talmudic prophecies; for Christians the visions of the Apocalypse; for Mohammedans the Redeemer, Imam-Mahdi.

from PJ Tatler