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Blazing Cat Fur: Jim Carrey hasn't been funny for a long time...I say we feed him to the Hindu's

Blazing Cat Fur: Jim Carrey hasn't been funny for a long time...I say we feed him to the Hindu's

Christians-Buddhists-Jews support Hindus upset over depiction of Lord Ganesh as sex act

Considering world dhimmitude, you would think 'bashing' polytheists is halal for 'people of the book'...

maybe the being in nevada the stealth universalists saw an opportunity to set a precedent, should their progressive pressure work of course...

from link..
"Rajan Zed argued that Hinduism was the oldest and third largest religion of the world with about one billion adherents and a rich philosophical thought and it should not be taken lightly. No faith, larger or smaller, should be ridiculed at; Zed said and added if Hollywood or other entertainment executives needed any assistance about Hinduism, he or other Hindu scholars would be glad to help."


I would like to ask him if that includes islam.. With all the unity/universalism talk in the article, I had to look deeper...

Lookie what I found.. more evidence of irrational acceptance of islam through the bahai..
Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hindu chaplain protested in U.S. Senate, honored in Nevada
Local Hindu Chaplain Rajan Zed continues to make what I consider positive news. Here's what went on in Reno after his U.S. Senate opening prayer (see previous post).

Nevada clergy, drawn from various religions, today came together in support of fellow Nevadan chaplain Rajan Zed, whose historic first Hindu prayer in United States (US) Senate in Washington DC on July 12 faced protest shouts from visitors gallery.

Catholic, Protestant, Latter Day Saints, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Bahai clergy today honored him with a grand reception here, where various political, government, community, and student leaders were also present. He was garlanded by Reverend Gene Savoy Jr., President of Nevada Clergy Association, and was presented with a plaque by Rabbi Myra Soifer of local Temple Sinai on behalf of Interfaith Community of Northern Nevada, which said, "…The interfaith clergy and leaders of northern Nevada proudly recognize and honor this unprecedented achievement…"

The atmosphere was filled with love, unity and togetherness where clergy with seriously different traditions mingled with each other over spicy East Indian food and laughed in unison.


I'm telling you.. the bahai are the stealth jihad..

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Dems Sofa King Evil...

I don't think all of the parents should be charged

what a subversive

How can the parents be expected to be liable for endangerment when the chief of police was in attendance?

Commies just want Govmom (Children's Aid) to supervise all parenting. If nobody made a complaint of abuse, there can be no endangerment.

Sorry Libtalker, no rounding up of parents this time... Isn't it enough that they all had to live through the horror of it all..

Dems Sofa King Evil...


Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » NBC Universal, Comcast Will Allow Black Leaders to Have Influence Over NBC’s News Programming to Gain FCC Merger Approval

Al Exploitation Television

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Democrats scream She's a witch!

Guess What’s Next? Activists Now Want Openly Transgender Soldiers…

Guess What’s Next? Activists Now Want Openly Transgender Soldiers…

Why don't they just say that they want muslims to have the religious right to molest little boys with no pubic hair?
If anything goes because of holy "diversity", then pederasty must be allowed, right?

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer

Find the parallels to todays events... The Heart of Christianity is in America... Since Europe is Christian Mush, a new morality has been chosen to progress Europeans to the next spiritual step... Nazism failed, but hitler's desired 'better religion' will probably not fail...
What will happen in America? Will Christians become Mush like the Europeans?
If that happens here, and all morality goes out the window all over the country, the people will cry for 'der Fuhrer'.

The framework is set up... It's a good thing the Boy Scouts were able to fend off the activist push to make boy scouts the new Wandervoegel...
It is not difficult to recognize that the description of the preferred Storm Trooper is a model of the Wandervoegel hero: ultramasculine, militaristic, physically conditioned, largely unrestrained by Judeo-Christian morality, and guided by the “Fuehrer Principle” (ibid.:28). It is no wonder, then, that many of these men became youth leaders in their turn (ibid.:210). In the preceding chapter, we learned that homosexual sadist and murderer Gerhard Rossbach was “the most important single contributor to the pre-Hitler youth movement” and a “hero to nationalistic German youth.” In the days before Baldur von Schirach developed the Hitler Youth, Rossbach organized Germany’s largest youth organization, named the Schilljugend (“Schill Youth”) in honor of a famous Prussian soldier executed by Napoleon (ibid:210n).
But Rossbach’s contribution to the Nazis was far greater than the mere shaping of young men into Nazi loyalists. It was Rossbach who formed the original terrorist organization which eventually became the Nazi Storm Troopers, also known as “Brown Shirts.” Both the Rossbach Storm Troopers and the Schilljugend were notorious for wearing brown shirts which had been prepared for German colonial troops, acquired from the old Imperial army stores (Koehl:19). It is reasonable to suppose that without Rossbach’s Storm Troopers, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis would never have gained power in Germany. Heiden describes them:

Rossbach’s troop, roaring, brawling, carousing, smashing windows, shedding blood...was especially proud to be different from the others. Heines had belonged to it before joining Hitler; then Rossbach and Heines had formed a center with Roehm; it led the SA while Hitler was under arrest [for leading the Beer Hall Putsch] (Heiden, 1944:295).

Rossbach’s Freikorps was formed almost exclusively of homosexuals. As fascist novelist, Edwin Dwinger, would later declare through one of his characters, Captain Werner, “Freikorps men aren’t almost all bachelors for nothing. Believe me, if there weren’t so many of their kind, our ranks would be pretty damn thin” (Theweleit, Vol 1:33).


Notice how the Ivy League desires the ROTC in their schools now?

I'm sure they are aware of history as well..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Party time in Afghanistan...

"This study indicates that in Afghan society, where women are largely out of bounds except through marriage, homosexuality and pedophilia have become rampant among Afghan security forces. This has resulted in a great deal of discomfort on the part of American and British troops.
Again, with no plan, we are left without a definition of what openly gay means. Will gay service members be identified in some way, and will their names be made public? How will this impact their situation in those Muslim countries where homosexuality can be punished by death? Once again, an emotional cause has resulted in an unplanned situation that could prove most dangerous to gay service personnel."

Islam allows boys with no puberty hair to be treated as a plaything.. It's why young muslim males want to grow their beard as soon as possible.. But I also notice that there seems to be a need for soldiers who are comfortable with islamic pederasty. The Military is constantly interacting with and helping muslims. America has created two Shariah compliant Constitutions... Hmmm... coincidence?
January 4, 2011: After nearly two decades of effort to ban sex in the combat zone, an American commander has admitted defeat and issued orders de-criminalizing fornication in Afghanistan. Thus the latest version of General Order No. 1 issued in Afghanistan warns against heterosexual sex between troops, but no longer prohibits it."

I guess if certain soldiers follow local laws, they can have a fun 'Thursday night'...

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Large Award given to Arizona's Morana Unified School District in 2008 for Bill Ayers designed Smaller Learning Communities Program

Since finding out about the school the Tucson Twinkie attended before he left prematurely, I did a little digging...

According to the US Department of Education, Arizona's Morana Unified School District received a $2,234,931 award in 2008. "This project will improve and strengthen the smaller learning communities programs at the district's two large high schools, Marana and Mountain View."
Isn't that about the same time Jared Lee Loughner quit highschool?
Just something to think about...  follow the money...

Corrective measure: Loughner quit school in 2006.. Not sure why such a successful school would be given an award of 2 Mil from the DOEd after failing the Tucson Twinkie...
The SLC program is authorized under Title V, Part D, Subpart 4 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) (20 U.S.C. 7249), as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

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A wake up call...


9:05 PM on January 6, 2011
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The stakes are high. Christians and Muslims cannot afford an all-out inter-religious conflagration — aside from being an offence against God, the killing would be immense. Still, the question must be asked: Against the sword of Islam, does the path to peace require unsheathing a defensive sword, or at least raising a shield?

Raymond... You don't understand... Progressive means Baha'i... The decision has been made to inject muslims into every corner of the world to bring about the spiritual progression of humans on Gaia...

Those who believe in G-d; and his Son are marked for extinction...

According to the Government, Jesus is a muslim prophet... Christians are old and confusing... The past is less understandable...

islam is the foundation of Baha'i Progressive Faith... Christians who believe Jesus is God are obsolete...

Embrace the new reality.. Embrace the future of Faith...

Here is the Christian Infiltration... Baha'i by any other means...

In a relatively new book by Hal Taussig called A new spiritual home. Progressive christianity at the grassroots, Taussig lists five characteristics of progressive christianity:
1. A spiritual vitality and expressiveness
2. An insistence on christianity with intellectual integrity
3. A transgression of traditional gender boundaries
4. The belief that christianity can be vital without claiming to be the best or the only true religion
5. Strong ecological and social justice commitments
Let me briefly mention them.
1. A spiritual vitality and expressiveness
The wide range of churches and groups express themselves spiritually in meditation, prayer, artistic forms, and participatory worship. They often reclaim discarded ancient christian rituals and use a wide variety of non-christian rituals and meditation techniques.
2. An insistence on christianity with intellectual integrity
This new kind of christian expression is nourished by a wide-ranging intellectual curiosity and critique. It interrogates christian assumptions and traditions in order to reframe, reject, or renew them.
3. A transgression of traditional gender boundaries
These groups are explicitly and thoroughly committed to feminism and affirmation of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.
4. The belief that christianity can be vital without claiming to be the best or the only true religion
Progressive christians take pains to claim simultaneously their own christian faith and their support of the complete validity of other religions.
5. Strong ecological and social justice commitments
This movement is committed to social justice, peace advocacy as well as having a passion for environmentalism.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is the 'Gate' the muslims are being injected through

Religious history is seen as a succession of revelations from God and the term "progressive revelation" is used to describe this process. Thus, according to Bahá'ís, progressive revelation is the motive force of human progress, and the Manifestation Bahá'u'lláh is the most recent instance of revelation.


Consideration of the Baha'i religion, its Tenets, the Character of its Followers, and the Possibility of its Spread, A
by W. Smith Murray

Legation of the United States of America
Teheran, Persia
January 8, 1925

Department of State Department of Near Eastern Affairs


Baháullah was succeeded by his son Abdul-Bahá, who was born in Teheran in 1844. During the greater part of his life he remained at Haifa in the holy Land. In 1912 however he made a tour of Europe and the United States and is said, during an address in California in October of that ye ar, to have prophesied in the following words the outbreak of the World War within two years:

"We are on the eve of the Battle of Armageddon referred to in the sixteenth chapter of Revelations. The time is two years hence, when only a spark will set aflame the whole of Europe. The social unrest in all countries, the growing religious scepticism antecedent to the millennium, and already here, will set aflame the whole of Europe as is prophesied in the Book of Daniel and in the Book (Revelation) of John. By 1917 kingdoms will fall and cataclysms will rock the earth.".

[page 8]

A further interesting pronouncement of Abdul-Bahá was made in November of that year in Cincinnati when he is said to have foretold in the following words that America would be the instigator of the League of Nations:

"America is a noble nation, a standard bearer of peace throughout the world, shedding her light to all regions. Other nations are not untrammelled [sic] and free of intrigues like the United States , and are unable to bring about Universal Peace. But America, thank God, is at peace with all the world, and is worthy of raising the flag of brotherhood and International Peace. when the summons to International Peace is raised by America, all the rest o f the world will cry: `Yes, we accept.' The nations of every clime will join in adopting the teachings of Bahaullah, revealed over fifty years ago. In His Epistles He asked the Parliaments of the world to send their best and wisest men to an international world-parliament that should decide all questions between the peoples and establish peace. then we shall have the Parliament of Man of which the prophets have dreamed."

After the World War and the acquisition of Palestine by the British Abdul-Bahá was knighted in 1920 by the British Government and given the designation K.B.E. He passed away in 1921.


It advocates the establishment of a League of Nations, the realization of which was forecaste [sic] as early as 1875. Of the character of such a League, the Baháullah has to say: "In such a universal treaty the limits of the borders and boundaries of every state should be fixed, and the customs and laws of every government; all the agreements and affaires of state and arrangements between the various

[page 11]
governments should be propounded and settled in due form; the size of the armaments for each government should likewise be definitely agreed upon, because if in the case of any state there were to be an increase in the preparation for war, it would be a cause for alarm to the other states. The basis of this powerful alliance should be so fixed that, if one of the states afterwards broke any of the articles of it, the rest of the nations of the world would rise up and reduce it to submission. Yea, the whole human race would band its forces together to overthrow that government."

Even to the casual student of Islam it is obvious that Mohammedanism is in hopeless decay, more hopeless than was Catholicism before the Reformation. If it is to be saved at all, there must arise an oriental reformer who will denounce the Islamic `indulgences' as did Luther the Papal ones.

The disinterest of Bahá'ís, though in origin a Moslem sect, in the reform of Allah's faithful is a somewhat discouraging omen. Their striving for an all-expansive universality, though comprehensible, has so diluted their force in Persia as to diminish greatly their beneficent influence. One is constrained to remark that if they had concentrated less on Europe and America and more on morally bankrupt Persia their efforts would be more praiseworthy.

On the other hand, it must not be forgotten that Islam, a Semitic religion that has never been adapted to Aryan needs as has Judaism through the teachings of Christ, has always remained a misfit on this light-hearted, imaginative Aryan people, who, to escape the yoke of the Caliphate, created that absurd schism called Shiism.

Failing therefore the ideal remedy for Persia's present religious decadence, namely a national renaissance of their great historic religion Zoroastrianism, Bahá'ísm, in which there are signs of a Protestant Reformation, and

[page 15]

which after all is of purely Persian origin, may prove itself to be the best solution under the circumstances.

I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obedient servant,

(signed) W. Smith Murray


What W. Smith Murray didn't realize is that Baha'i prefer muslims over Christians and Jews...  America and Global Governance is the Baha'i goal...