Monday, April 30, 2012

Comment Mining


Ever wonder why people become so emotional persay regarding Christianity/Jesus verses any other religion? No one has a problem with Buddah, Mohammed, Hinduism or anything else. The ONLY time people get riled up is when Christianity is why is that? My thoughts...that's the ONLY one that's real...that's the ONLY one people feel the need to fight against or try to deny...basically...Jesus is still KING and satan is still angry about it. Thus all the little imps and minions are out in force 2000 years later STILL trying to deny Jesus...awesome! That just let's me know that there is something real about this Jesus and Christianity...because if He were irrelevant like the others, no one would bother lifting a finger to dispel the Bible, Christ, God'd just ignore it like you ignore everything else. People only "fight" over real things...otherwise we'd just dismiss it as silly and not worth our time...but just look at all the folks who just can't help talking about Jesus and Christianity! I'll bet if we put up an article about Buddhists no one would dare comment or Islam...but Christianity brings out the devil himself! lol If you don't agree with the Bilble, so's not for you then. The same way I may not agree with certain's not for me. As a Christian I am to love all my brothers and sisters...hate the sin, love the person. Simple as that.