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George Soros' Media Matters is targeting Fox and Glenn Beck

Media Quackers

WaPo stirring the Black Cauldron

Best comment from WaPo...  Pretty much covers any rebuttal...

SoquelbytheCreek wrote:
Ooooh, this blame game stuff is fun. Can I play?

Okay, you say that evil Glenn Beck is directly responsible for Byron Williams' actions, despite consistently insisting upon non-voilent, peaceful opposition. Boy, that Glenn Beck guy sounds dangerous doesn't he (apply dripping sarcasm here)?

Of course, those on the Left exclusively hold the moral high ground on non-violent protest.

From SF Weekly, "[A]ccording to his mother, ..[Byron Williams] railed against 'the way Congress was railroading through all these left-wing agenda items.' One of those left-wing items, it warrants mentioning, was health care reform."

Hmm, how did the health care debate become so contentious? Is Glenn Beck solely to blame? Boy, Mr. Milibank, you give Glenn Beck entirely too much power.

Were other factors at play? What about the President's rhetoric about doctors removing a child's tonsils or removing a diabetic's feet just for the money? Did the President have any actual EVIDENCE for his inflammatory claims?

Or, how about the President's "stage-managed event" on health care, as documented in your very own Washington Post?

The President was incredibly "lucky" to only receive softball questions from known allies, including Health Care for American Now (HCAN) funded by the SEIU? Such openness and transparency?

By your logic, aren't the President's inflammatory words directly responsible for the violence against those in opposition to the President's health care reform?

By your logic, didn't the President's rhetoric and that of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid also lead to Byron Williams' action?

C'mon, Mr. Milibank, there are literally millions of us in opposition to the government's current course and nearly all are peaceful and the majority of us even try to remain civil. Glenn Beck is no more responsible for Byron Williams' actions than is the President or the Congress.

By the way, information regarding the Tides Foundation, both pro and con, is freely available from the web. The Tides Foundation web site itself proclaims that it is for "Supporting Progressive Social Change." It gives to many worthwhile causes as well as to some controversial groups.

There are some that see the Tides as a way to "launder", obscure, and insulate money that is mostly given to some left-of-center causes. Similar organizations also exist from the right. Too bad that more journalists don't investigate how this money adversely affects elections.

I believe that much of Glenn Beck's distaste for the Tides Foundation has to do with the mere presence of Wade Rathke, who was once on the Tides Foundation's board of directors, along with the President of SEIU Local 100, and founder and chief organizer for ACORN.
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