Friday, July 23, 2010

NWO in a nutshell From the Comment section...

There were 50 news owners in 1983, reduced to 10 by 1995 after Clinton changed FCC rules, and reduced to 6 by 2005

The Main Stream Media news is now controlled by an oligopoly of 4 owners: Disney(ABC), GE(NBC, MSNBC), Time-Warner(CNN), CBS Corp (formerly Viacom) ~ the Editors and all reporters are registered communists.

The New World Order under the guise of being socialists is actually a handful of selfish men (including leaders of the Russian, Asian, European, and American Mafia's who united to share in the profits and the control) who are trying to form oligopolies of the all major industries {Oil went from 22,000 owners in 1977 to 4 today); Pharmaceutical went from hundreds in 1979 to 4 today; banking (financial institutions are consolidating ASAP to get to 4); and the Music, News & Entertainment industries} who believe slavery is the only way to maximize profits. A perfect oligopoly is 4 owners!

Through control of industries, natural resources, educational institutions, and money, they manipulate information, elections, entertainment, Labor Unions, terrorist attacks, and wars to pit people against each other to keep the focus off themselves, tie up resources and money, eliminate some of the competitors ~ while they are bringing about their agenda of totalitarian world-wide control of money.

The United States of America is their biggest challenge (threat) because of it promotes & protects the rights of individuals which enables entrepreneurial spirits to create competitors. The Asian Mafia paid for Clinton's campaign because he agreed to move most US manufacturing jobs to China (which he did successfully during his term as President of the US).
They carefully manipulate and fund zealots, idealists, fanatics, street drugs, and anti-Christian movements to create chaos, discontent, and demoralization of the American people ~ because they are the only people accustomed to freedom. Their first and most important act was to stop freedom of the press!

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