Friday, July 23, 2010

islam is not 'Black' or 'American'
Don't forget to read the Ummah Spin.
"I think I’ve made my point very clearly. Islamophobia is a barely warmed over, 20 seconds in the microwave, version of traditional anti-Semitism, and I’m sorry that the reader has fallen for it. If we were transported to the 1920s and 30s, I’m sure he’d be demanding to know if anyone really thought “those people” (the Jews) were really reasonable and decent given what they supposedly believe and what is supposedly in their holy books, etc. Can’t we ever learn our lesson?"
"Geller and Spencer may claim some sort of impartiality, and Geller has gone so far as to claim that she “loves Muslims” - but as Loonwatch says “Geller’s truthfulness can be gauged by a statement that I do not think even her die-hard supporters can believe. It would be the equivalent of David Duke saying “I love blacks.” On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being extremely dishonest and 10 being insanely dishonest), how dishonest do you think Geller is?”
As Asma T. Uddin has noted Geller’s relegation of Islam to enemy status creates an Islam to be feared and abhorred. It is a conception that is not grounded in reality, but it is nonetheless propelling American society down the same road it has traveled many times before, to its own detriment. Reflecting upon this historical trajectory should help us see past the present environment, fraught with fear, and move to the next stage of coexistence, where we learn to look past two-dimensional stereotypes and generalizations and see the newcomer not as “other” but as “American.” "
Read the whole thing. The next stage of mutually exclusive existence has arrived. In these two last paragraphs is the essence of the islamic thrust going forward. islam = black, and islam = America...
You will notice a defense for Jews in there. Don't be fooled, muslims are the prime fount of Jew hate. Pushing Jews with nazi boogie men threats towards islamic arms open for the deathly embrace.

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