Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Glue Soup...

America has been infected on purpose by UN dictate. Had muslims not been encouraged to colonize America and especially Europe, the final confrontation would have to wait. Only one spiritual faith connects Jesus to mohammad. Baha’i.

Why does this matter? Only the Baha’i have a reason to want Christians and muslims to finish each other off. They predict they will be the successful faith that takes humanity into the New World Order.

The connections and motivations are in the open. Only the Baha’i have a need for inter-faith dialog. It’s their imperative.

Baha’i know Christians and muslims are opposites, yet they are always trying to put Christians and muslims together. Why?

The greater the infiltration and subversion of America’s free people, the better.

The only people who can possibly do without the Baha’i faith are traditional Christians.

The only way to end Christianity is to slave them to muslims. Muslims, being slaves themselves, are simple to control globally. Muslims are Agenda 21′s local control muscle.

Baha’i are competitors with islam to enslave, convert or kill the ‘other’.

The thing with Baha’i is that they actually want total reductions on the world human population.

Just ask Maurice Strong.


Anonymous said...

How can I kindly put it ? Every now and then one comes up against ignorant rants. Clearly this is the work of someone woefully ignorant of even the most rudimentary facts. Into the bin ! Your pathetic prejudice is showing ! Get the facts and then retract your ridiculous statements.

Duane L. Herrmann said...

Baha'is have no intention of killing, enslaving or converting anyone. Of course Baha'is welcome others into their faith, but it is up to each person to decide. I am bewildered where anyone who has investigated the Baha'i Faith would get such ideas as these.

Van Grungy said...

Van Grungy said...


"Baha'is have no intention of killing, enslaving or converting anyone. Of course Baha'is welcome others into their faith, but it is up to each person to decide."

Tacit support of islam might as well be islam...


Last but not least of the factors which advanced civilization in the
Arabic-Islamic period was the devotion of the people to a common religion,
and the devotion of religion to the common people. Islam was simple enough
in its theology to be understood by all and demanding enough in its daily
ritual of prayer and month-long fasts to enforce a discipline that
engendered piety in the daily life. Islam lifted its adherents above
consciousness of race or color, establishing an effective brotherhood in the
name of Allah.
This religious unity underlay and fortified all other factors which
made for the prosperity and cultural creativeness of those who, over half
the globe. turned to Allah in prayer and gratitude five times a day. It was
this spiritual unity that kept the Islamic world united culturally, even
after it became divided into separate caliphates. Islam brought to pass a
unity of mores and daily habits which gave stability to the new culture
being created under the aegis of Allah.

Van Grungy said...


Can I get a comment from Anon that includes some facts?

Van Grungy said...

Hey Anon...

If you think you can defend Maurice, watch this vid first...
Maurice Strong Interview (BBC, 1972)