Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guess What’s Next? Activists Now Want Openly Transgender Soldiers…

Guess What’s Next? Activists Now Want Openly Transgender Soldiers…

Why don't they just say that they want muslims to have the religious right to molest little boys with no pubic hair?
If anything goes because of holy "diversity", then pederasty must be allowed, right?

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein F├╝hrer

Find the parallels to todays events... The Heart of Christianity is in America... Since Europe is Christian Mush, a new morality has been chosen to progress Europeans to the next spiritual step... Nazism failed, but hitler's desired 'better religion' will probably not fail...
What will happen in America? Will Christians become Mush like the Europeans?
If that happens here, and all morality goes out the window all over the country, the people will cry for 'der Fuhrer'.

The framework is set up... It's a good thing the Boy Scouts were able to fend off the activist push to make boy scouts the new Wandervoegel...
It is not difficult to recognize that the description of the preferred Storm Trooper is a model of the Wandervoegel hero: ultramasculine, militaristic, physically conditioned, largely unrestrained by Judeo-Christian morality, and guided by the “Fuehrer Principle” (ibid.:28). It is no wonder, then, that many of these men became youth leaders in their turn (ibid.:210). In the preceding chapter, we learned that homosexual sadist and murderer Gerhard Rossbach was “the most important single contributor to the pre-Hitler youth movement” and a “hero to nationalistic German youth.” In the days before Baldur von Schirach developed the Hitler Youth, Rossbach organized Germany’s largest youth organization, named the Schilljugend (“Schill Youth”) in honor of a famous Prussian soldier executed by Napoleon (ibid:210n).
But Rossbach’s contribution to the Nazis was far greater than the mere shaping of young men into Nazi loyalists. It was Rossbach who formed the original terrorist organization which eventually became the Nazi Storm Troopers, also known as “Brown Shirts.” Both the Rossbach Storm Troopers and the Schilljugend were notorious for wearing brown shirts which had been prepared for German colonial troops, acquired from the old Imperial army stores (Koehl:19). It is reasonable to suppose that without Rossbach’s Storm Troopers, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis would never have gained power in Germany. Heiden describes them:

Rossbach’s troop, roaring, brawling, carousing, smashing windows, shedding blood...was especially proud to be different from the others. Heines had belonged to it before joining Hitler; then Rossbach and Heines had formed a center with Roehm; it led the SA while Hitler was under arrest [for leading the Beer Hall Putsch] (Heiden, 1944:295).

Rossbach’s Freikorps was formed almost exclusively of homosexuals. As fascist novelist, Edwin Dwinger, would later declare through one of his characters, Captain Werner, “Freikorps men aren’t almost all bachelors for nothing. Believe me, if there weren’t so many of their kind, our ranks would be pretty damn thin” (Theweleit, Vol 1:33).


Notice how the Ivy League desires the ROTC in their schools now?

I'm sure they are aware of history as well..

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