Saturday, February 5, 2011



"It was the Left who were on Hitler's side, not the conservatives. And the Left were on his side because he was one of them. "


Anonymous said...

You're completely ignorant of history. The German left was the first to be thrown into the concentration camps. It was a coalition of Nazis and Christian Center Party MPs that voted Hitler emergency powers after the Reichstag fire. The largest left-wing party, the Social Democrats, voted against giving Hitler dictatorial powers. Hitler imprisoned the MPs from the second largest left-wing party, the Communist Party, during the vote, so that they could not block the measure. You could at least have a cursory knowledge of what you're talking about before you post it, but that would be too much to ask of you, I guess.

Van Grungy said...


Those who voted against Hitler knew who he was.. Hitler went after the Communists because Hitler knew all about Lenin's rise to power..

You just don't have any insight..

btw.. the Commies in America were quite ok with Hitler as long as Stalin said so..

I don't think you have a breadth of historical knowledge either..

btw.. sorry about the time it took to allow your post.. I don't check, they are so rare.. wonder why?